Friday, June 25, 2010

The Beach House by Jane Green

A Little Background: Of course I have seen Jane Green’s books out and about at bookstores and the library. The Beach House attracted my attention and so did Jemima J but never got around to reading either of them until now.

Nan Powell is an eccentric 65 year old widow living in the very scenic town of Nantucket. Known as the town eccentric, Nan doesn’t mind being thought of that way as it affords her a cover of sorts.

She lives in a beautiful but weathered family beach home called Windermere. The house is one of the original grande dames of the neighborhood and is attracting land sharks (developers) more than willing to tear down the old home and put up a few McMansions in its place. As the house is in need of refurbishment and with Nan’s funds dwindling, she embarks on renting rooms out for the summer.

As Nan’s summer guests begin to arrive, including her son Michael, they each come with a little extra baggage of the emotional kind. The different storylines are played out and soon begin to meld until we meet up with one amazing character that arrives suddenly and leaves just as quickly but not before making an impact on everyone’s life.

My Take: I must say that I did enjoy this book tremendously but had a hard start of it. I was introduced to so many characters within the first few pages that felt I might suffer a case of whiplash. Thankfully, my head is still on my shoulders and pointing in the right direction! Having said that, I truly did love this book and I almost wish I could be Nan the lead character. A woman who has lived a very interesting life with one very major bump in the road. In the closing paragraph there is a champagne toast that sums up everything in the book, to new beginnings…and happy endings.

About the Author: Jane Green

In 1996, Jane Green took a leap in faith when she left her job in journalism to freelance and work on a novel. Seven months later, at 27, Green had a publishing deal for her first book, Straight Talking, which was an instant best seller. Originally from London, Green now resides in Connecticut with her husband, six children, assorted dogs and cats and is actively philanthropic.

You can keep up with Jane on her website, through Facebook and Twitter.

Just for fun: If I could give a face to Nan Powell, it would be the sublime actress Helen Mirren. Here is a side by side comparison of Nan Powell and Helen Mirren. I'm sure you'll agree, they were separated at birth!

Nan Powell
Age: 65
Crazy things she's done: skinny dip in her neighbor’s pool while they are on vacation
Career: Landlady of her beautiful beach house, Windermere

Helen Mirren:

Age: 64
Crazy things she's done: pose nude in current issue of New York magazine
Career: Brilliant actress

Enjoy a glimpse into Jane's world!


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  2. This sounds like my kind of book. I'm sure I would like it. It's going on my short list. Have a great weekend.